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The Future OfBusiness Process Management360º view on all the processes

Upscale Your Capabilities with BPM

Avoid extensive documents that are time-consuming by relying on a simply developed map. Have all your documents easily summarized!

Gain full visibility over all processes within organizations and enterprises for better profits, performance, operations, strategies, and an overall high-quality outcome. TSME enables its team to receive certificate that support their in-depth knowledge in BPM so the company can perform a smooth implementation for its clients, by utilizing ARIS.

We create, manage, analyze, and define strategy using reengineering, all done from start to finish. Using our expertise, enterprises will have stronger operations and data-driven insights over all processes, allowing for better decision-making.


Global Market Excellence Award

TSME was honored to be the first Arabic Partner for Software AG to be rewarded as the Market Excellence Award winner on Global level, such recognition has put TSME as one of the main Software AG player in the global markets and not only in the region