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TSME Partnerships

We Partner with the leading technology providers in the market to deliver innovative digital solutions and platforms. Our partners portfolio includes :

  • Governed and Monitored BOTS
  • The only BOT with COGNITIVE Capability
  • The Database for modern application 
  • Easy to configure and integrate
  • Leading the Chatbot hype
  • Systemizing the Use of Data... Dataiku is one central solution for the design, deployment, and management of AI applications.

  • ARIS, the best Process Management Tool
  • webMethods, the reliable integration and automation server
  • Trusted by 50+ government entities in UAE
  • Extendible and Customizable solution covering Performance, Risks, and Compliance
  • Fast product-to-market, easy set-up 
  • The owner of the Process Classification Framework®
  • Different best practices and design guidelines across various industries
  • Owner of huge set of KPI’s Benchmarks