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Operations Transformation

Full visibility over business processes

Better insights and decision-making with qualitative & quantitative data

Effective operational performance

Business Process Management (BPM)

TSME helps clients obtain a 360º view on all the processes of a business through ARIS, hence enabling better insights over all processes. Using our expertise, enterprises will have better operations as they don’t have to go through extensive documents but instead rely on a simply developed map that has all documents summarized in an easy, time saving way.

Performance Management

Transform your operations with performance management system CUBES that has a comprehensive visibility over KPIs from Performance, Strategies, Initiatives, to Risk and Compliance. Clients will not only have full visibility over managing, controlling, and monitoring different business elements, but will also generate qualitative and quantitative data that support better insights and decision-making.

Service Design

Being an APQC Best-Practice Partner presented TSME with the needed capabilities for a Service Design that truly helps businesses with essential techniques and strategies for the specific needs of each client. Service Design is deployed for an increase in a business responsive as well as its operational performance.

Digital Workforce

Work has never been easier or more productive with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for automated tasks that used to be time wasting and resource draining. TSME transforms an organization's work to introduce highly developed Bots that are low-error prone and operate around the clock with full reliability and accuracy. Enterprises have the chance to reinforce their capabilities and win a huge ROI using the software Bots... Work Smarter Next to Your Digital Worker!