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Industry Ecosystems Transformation

The transformation of Industry Ecosystems holds a great significance across businesses. Here at TSME, we Make IT Happen! With the support of our experts, we ensure a number of solutions that will offer: scalable and reliable integration, simplified analytics, faster data integration, and a considerably better performance.

Integration Server

TSME utilizes and implements solutions for a Scalable Integration that best serves our clients using webMethods. Enterprises can digitally transform much easier with us, as we empower their integration capabilities to become more reliable. We provide access to an integration process that is scalable, accelerated, simplified, reliable, and drives a boost in performance.

Business Process Management System (BPMS)

BPMS is one of the main business drivers, it became necessary to integrate analytical capabilities that serve as commanding tools to achieve success. A powerful and suitable representation is considered as an infrastructure for an efficient implementation. We create, manage, and analyze processes from start to finish while also gathering data, defining strategy using reengineering, and initiate implementation. With TSME, enterprises are guaranteed better analysis and performance.

API Management Platform

TSME deploys this management platform to enable analyzing APIs therefore allowing enterprises to achieve better performance. Organizations can use APIs to predict the user behavior, get reliable integration, and get access to qualitative and quantitative data.

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

The architecture of ESB can allow the integration process to happen between applications, this is important so that clients can have the capability to transform data models along with other key benefits, allowing for cutting costs and avoiding siloed systems. We transform data models and provide a faster integration of data, services, systems, processes, and more.


TSME transforms enterprises and organizations with advanced IoT and Analytics. This, consequently, allows for building innovative network of connect objects for businesses with cutting-edge solutions. Our experts will award clients with a broad perspective and smarter integration capabilities through measuring profits and performance more conveniently while acquiring easy and quick data analytics.

Enterprise Architecture (EA)

Alfabet is a tool that comes with EA resources, an important approach being utilized to better integrate organizations' analytical capabilities. This will accelerate and improve the representation of businesses as well as capturing interactions occurring between key elements from processes to functions to data.