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Customer Experience Transformation

Transform your Customer Experience to the next level with TSME. We highlight the importance of customer feedback, customer emotions, and specifically a complete voice-of-customer, all through a set of innovative solutions that offer numerous benefits to strengthen the relationship between the customer and the company.

Customer Journey

Create a customer journey map that put an emphasis on the customers who will take part in their own journey each step of the way. Interactive and progressive customer journey maps are now simple and innovative with CUBES Surveys. We enable through the platform the capacity for unlimited reports generated through easy surveys that will unlock comprehensive data. Get clear insights over Customer Journey, from the voice-of-customers to customer emotions, customer satisfaction, and customer feedback.

Communication Platform

Customers will have 24/7 availability to customer service through top-of-the-line Conversational AI and Chatbots. An easy to implement smart solution for customer around the world to reach services and create personalized chats with resources in a speedy and efficient manner round-the-clock from various contact points.

TSME is constantly looking for ways to enhance the Customer Experience. For that, we have implemented solutions that enable a wide range of communication services to better simplify the customer journey while making it more comprehensive. We enable A2P SMS Messaging, Chat App Messaging, Emails, App Notifications, and so on.